Building a Workout Habit – Avoiding the 5 Most Common Mistakes

1aaThe Most Common Workout Habit Mistakes
People often make one or more of these 5 mistakes when creating new workout habits:
1.They focus on a results goal
2.They do too much
3.They don’t show up often enough to make it a habit
4.They don’t tie it into an existing habit
5.They do it alone

The habit of working out is actually quite similar to building food habits, or any habits. And what’s really cool is that if we just flip the script on those five mistakes, we actually get a recipe for exactly how to make a new habit stick!

The 5 Keys that Will Set You Up for Success
To be successful at a new habit we want as many as possible of these five elements:
1.A habit goal, not an outcome goal
2.Small enough that you’re sure you can win at it
3.Frequent enough to become a habit
4.An external trigger — a habit that you already do that you can tack this new one to
5.Other humans doing the same thing with you


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