A Teacher Lost 56 Pounds Eating Nothing but McDonald’s

Following is another experiment done to confirm whether weight loss is mainly about having less calories. A previous article focused on a guy who lost 27 pounds eating mainly twinkies but a diet restricted to about 1800 calories/day. Here is an example of a guy eating just McDonalds, and actually improving on some markers of health (such reduction of bad cholesterol score).

The Main Lesson

What did the experiment prove? That it’s acceptable to live off fast food? No. It reinforced what research and science has stated all along: caloric intake and expenditure are critical for weight loss and health.

Regardless of Cisna eating 540 straight meals at McDonald’s, his health markers improved. Here are the improvements he made in the first three months:

  • Cholesterol: started at 249 and lowered to 170
  • Triglycerides: from 156 to 80
  • LDL: from 170 to 113

Those are terrific improvements in 90 days and you cannot claim he’s not healthier as a result of the experiment.

Source: http://www.niashanks.com/teacher-lost-weight-eating-mcdonalds/

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