Super success secret – the one crucial question people don’t ask!

If you’ve tried to lose weight, the chances are you’ve tried a number of different diets and exercise regimes before. The weight loss industry is huge because most people aren’t successful in getting lasting results. They may get short term results – but usually after a while they go back to their old behaviours, and with that comes the guilt and beating ourselves up for failing.

The great news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel. In fact there is an answer so blindingly obvious that most of us overlook it. The thing is we are conditioned by the media to think we need to follow some extreme program in order to get results. The truth is to get the lasting results requires a different mindset. Weight loss comes down to basic maths. If you’re consuming slightly less calories than you need then over time you will lose weight. It may not happen as fast as an extreme diet and exercise program however it will still happen steadily, enjoyably and most importantly it will last because it is SUSTAINABLE.

The key question to lasting success whether it be a way of eating, exercise, or a new hobby  is to ask “Is it sustainable?”  This way of thinking could change your life forever!

Watch this video by Chris Winters to bring this point home. Chris is a guy who used to be very overweight and unhealthy and transformed his body and health through this concept.

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